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Shopkeeper's Cashless Shopping Network

Grow Business -Save Cash

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India's 1st Retail Barter Network

Why Buy, When You Can Barter!

Join the revolution and gift yourself & your family financial freedom & happiness

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Save upto ₹ 5Lac/p.a.

and fulfill all your dreams

✓  Quality Education

✓  Premium Healthcare

✓  Comfortable Lifestyle

✓  Investment & Saving

✓  Travel & Luxury

       & much more​...

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Grow Business upto 20%

with a loyal customer network

✓  Gain New Customers

✓  Increase Stock Movement

✓  Fill Empty Service Hours

✓  Promote Your Business

✓  Retain Cash Customers

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What is Vaada

Watch this 2 minutes video

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Who can join

Buy Now Pay Sell Later

100% Interest Free  |  No Late Fee  |  No Penalty

Any Retail Trading, Service or Consulting Businesses Can Join

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Barter Indirectly in 3 Steps

Once your registration is verified and your account activated, you can download and log in to your mobile app account


Find Goods & Service

Use the Member Search to find nearby businesses


Visit Store & Purchase

Visit store to consent buying using network credits


Scan to Book Transaction

Scan seller's QR code, enter amount & issue credit note

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  • What are the membership & other charges?
    Members pay a one-time registration charge of Rs. 1,000 only if their profile/registration is approved. There is a 3% convenience fee on every trade transaction payable by the buyer, which is automatically deducted from the member's account during transaction.
  • How is members credit managed?
    Every member of Vaada™ agrees to sell their goods & services on credit for a specific total amount to the network members. This mutual credit is known as 'Network Credit'. There are system controlled limits to the total amount of goods & services every member can buy or sell. This will ensure member's purchase limit is not exceeded and no one ends up collecting network credits more than they intend to consume regularly.
  • Can I encash my network credit?
    No, you cannot encash your network credit. Incase you intend to leave the network, you should either sell goods & services worth the outstanding network credit you owe the network, OR you must spend/issue the network credit available with you. You can leave when your network credit account balance is nil.
  • How can member increase their Network Credits?
    The members can only increase the total value of goods or service they will sell on credit to the network members by requesting the system administrator through in-app messaging. However, the limit to purchase on credit is determined by the system administrator based on your transaction history and customer reviews.
  • Who can become a Vaada™ member?
    Any retail business with a fixed establishment, like a shop, office or location can become Vaada™ member. To ensure members gets a good quality and reliable barter network, we look for the following before approving membership. 1. Nature & age of business 2. Business location & turnover 3. Business reference 4. Business & Owner's KYC
  • Is Vaada™ a mobile wallet app?
    No, Vaada™ is not a mobile wallet app. It is only a barter bookkeeping app, that keeps track of all credit trade transactions of the members. The ledger automatically consolidates, and reconcile all the trade transactions, and settles the accounts.

Vaada Members

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