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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

We're a bunch of passionate people who are hard-working, self-motivated & self-driven toward our professional & personal goals. After several stints, we've outgrown our expectations & wish to do something more meaningful that impacts not just a few but millions of people, something that can give us fulfillment in life. After several conquests, we've finally found our aim, which we call - 'Vaada'.

Our Story

The idea struck during the Covid-19 Pandemic, 'why don't people simply exchange their goods & services to meet personal needs??' and this is how 'Vaada' was born.
After almost two years of research and several ideations, we finally launched 'Vaada'.


During our journey, we tried speaking with several industry experts and professionals. We used their ideas and suggestions and our knowledge and experience to build the final blueprint & roadmap to make 'Vaada' a success.

On our mission, we look forward to meeting you and many more experts who can help us achieve our goals to impact the lives of over 150m Indians.

Meet The Team


Winner of FinBlue PitchFest 2022


FinBlue STPINEXT.png

Received Rs. 2.5L Grant For MVP Development 

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